In  the Pilgrims Progress written by John  Bunyan in 1678, the following story can be found. People thronged in hell were  all extremely emaciated. They were utterly enervated because of starvation. However,  the table, around which they were sitting, was full of delectable food. This  situation was observed little bit more out of curiosity, only to find out that chopsticks  one meter long were placed in front of them. They were all trying to put food  in their months, but it was impossible to do so with such long chopsticks. This  time, people in heaven were visited where they were enjoying a delicious meal. The  food given to them was exactly the same as the one prepared for those in hell. The  environment in heaven was identical to that in hell, but these people were  behaving differently. Instead of trying to put food in their own mouths, they  were putting food in each other’s mouths.

A  human being is not entirely selfish who lives for his or her own sake. Every human  being is a ‘Homo Sapiens Socio’ with reason, sensibility, and empathy. Human  beings perceive happiness when they live not only for themselves, but also for  others surrounding them. A shift in paradigm that everyone can contribute to  creating a better society to live in through such altruistic lifestyle has  become especially important today. This is the only way we can recover new  social values and warm human sensibility in the era of digitalism with cold  machine civilization and materialism.


As  the old saying goes, his poverty is incurable. There are millions of people  worldwide who are worn out by poverty but cannot find solutions for escape even  in the 21st century. We insist on sustainable NSF Entrepreneurship  rather than one-off charity or donation for helping the underprivileged.                    In  order to realize sustainable development and universal values of mankind, the  NSF pursues economic, social, and environmental values simultaneously. The NSF comprises  individuals who serve our mankind with a sense of NSF Entrepreneurship that solves  socio-environmental issues through entrepreneurial logic and solutions.

Furthermore,  the NSF encompasses ‘Change-Makers’ in every field, stratum, and organization who  abide by the NSF Entrepreneurship to improve socio-environmental issues and  promote economic performance.


Capitalism must not only serve wealthy people but also those who are in need. Bill Gates spoke about ‘Creative Capitalism’ hoping to find ways to help a billion people worldwide who make a living with less than a dollar a day.

The NPO method whereby individuals revert their property to society only after economic success shall be sublated. The Social Enterprise method operated through government subsidy and support shall also be sublated. We as individuals must strive to solve socio-environmental issues of our time only with our abilities.

We cannot wait until when we ‘think’ we are finally equipped with enough wealth and abilities to solve prevalent socio-environmental issues. We must act at this very second to achieve sustainable development of mankind that considers all of the economic, social, and environmental elements.

Furthermore, we must pursue ‘Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSE)’ that is derived from entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. CSE applies to all of the major organizations and businesses as a process to promote corporate social responsibilities by using internal resources creatively and expanding the opportunities for creating economic and social values.

The NSF is a wholesome organization of experts that focuses on solving our socio-environmental issues through innovative and creative methods as well as entrepreneurial logic and solutions. Numerous experts in a variety of sectors of our society with NSF Entrepreneurship and ‘Change-Maker’ philosophy are fulfilling their tasks by observing the Member Commitment.


The  NSF puts ‘We’ before ‘I” and values mankind and communities rather than selfish  happiness at a historical turning point of the 21st century. Experts  from various fields study and develop practical alternatives through the NSF.                  We  realize that individual spontaneity and abilities alone cannot solve social  issues nor change the world. Through the NSF and collaboration, we aim to make  this world a better place to live and enhance our universal values in human  society.

We  value society where we can form sound community by respecting every individual  and voluntary sharing through creative mechanisms. We will strive to change our  society based on the value of NSF entrepreneurship and ‘Entrepreneur Elite’.

The  NSF will help concede ‘Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)’ in every sector  of our society, and establish specific responsibilities so that we can realize  sustainable development in mankind.